What is Your Habit Lab?

Your Habit Lab is a service to help you focus on what you want to accomplish in life and we’ve developed a unique method of talking to your future self to help you stay on track. We believe that goals can be much more easily accomplished when you develop the correct corresponding habits. Every goal has a habit or set of habits that if utilized, can put goal achieving on autopilot. Your Habit Lab helps you break down your goals into a habit or series of habits that you give yourself direction on. No one know you better than you and Your Habit Lab takes full advantage of that fact to turbo-charge habit change and goal achievement.

What’s different about Your Habit Lab?

Your Habit Lab is like nothing else. We focus on habit change and development to achieve your goals but that’s not the most different part. Since no one knows you better than you do and no one knows your habits like you do, you are the best resource that you have for motivation and advice. We’ve developed unique programs that use your own thoughts, words and advice to talk to your futures self and remind you what you want to accomplish and what it’s going to take to get there. In addition to that we provide you step by step blueprints to change your habits and put success on autopilot.

Procrastination lies to us and tells us that our future self will have more motivation and desire to accomplish our goals. It’s just not true. Broadcasting your consciousness into the life of your future self is crucial to achieve your goals; to really visualize yourself at the end of your goal. YHL is the only resource that uses modern technology to take full advantage of this concept so you can stay focused on what you want to achieve.

How does it work?

The first step in the YHL process is gathering your own thoughts and advice to yourself. It’s called an “Advice Report” and it’s used throughout any program you choose. We use a series of online forms to gather all the information we need.

Once we have your Advice Report, your program begins and you are sent a number of guidelines called blueprints that help you define what you want to accomplish and give you the steps necessary to fully utilize habit change to meet your goal.

We also send you your own advice to yourself at least every other day so that you can stay focused. It’s a lot of emailing but focus is key and it’s hard to stay focused if we don’t constantly send you reminders about what you want to accomplish.

Most programs have bonus material that we send you at the end of the program so you can get even more out of it.

If you follow the steps given and stay focused your personal habit change then achieving goals can become automatic and even easy.

How long are the programs?

We have 3 main programs. The first is a 30 day program called The Analyst. It’s for goals that aren’t too big and can be accomplished in just a month.

The second program is called The Technician. It’s a 2 month program that focuses on a little longer timeframe that allows for more habit growth and bigger goals.

Our most comprehensive program is called The Chemist. It’s a 4 month program that gets you to stay focused and utilize the most extensive habit change to accomplish your biggest goals. We don’t believe any life goals should go beyond a 6 month schedule and we think you can fit most, if not all, into a 4 month timeframe. If your goals go beyond 6 months, break them up. Too much can happen in 6 months or more to maintain the focus you’ll need to accomplish all that you hope to.

What do I do if I stop getting emails?

If there are any glitches in your program contact us right away at members@yourhabitlab.com and tell us about what you’re experiencing. We are committed to solving your problems right away.

What if I opt out of your emails?

If you’ve opted out of emails from any one of the emails you receive from us, you’ll need to contact us at members@yourhabitlab.com to opt back in and continue your program. Our programs are delivered by email so be sure to stay opted in and mark our emails as safe.

Do you offer refunds if I don’t reach my goals?

Since goal achieving is such a personal quest we can’t guarantee results and can’t always provide a refund if you don’t find success. However, we believe in our programs and will do what we can to help you out or refund your money if the situation is appropriate for doing so.

What if I get emails that don’t have my advice or are incomplete?

We lean on technology a lot for our programs and strange things can happen. We’ve tested all of our programs and found them to work accurately but if you ever find something strange in an email, please contact us at members@yourhabitlab.com and tell us what’s happening. We’ll work to get it resolved right away.