1: Choose a Program

The Analyst

This is our 30-day habit change program. It's the fastest way to introduce new habits into your life. If there are big goals you want to achieve, we suggest a longer program.

The Technician

Our 2 month plan is more comprehensive than The Analyst program. It will help you focus on specific habits in order to achieve a bigger goal.

The Chemist

Our most comprehensive, 4 month program is for your biggest goals that take time to achieve. This program will keep you going for the long haul.

2: Complete Your Advice Report

Your "Advice Report" is your connection to your future self. It helps you define exactly what you want to accomplish and we use this information to help keep you on track. It consists of a few questions about what your goals are, the habits that stand in your way and the advice you'd give as if you were giving it to someone else in your situation.

3: Get the Blueprints

There are 3 types of emails you'll receive during your chosen program. Steps, motivations and bonuses. Be sure to use them all!
Each program has varying numbers of steps. These steps are the blueprints to changing your habits and reaching your goals.
These messages are filled with encouragement and advice from yourself to keep you going to the end.
These are extra steps you can take to turbo-charge your habit change and become even more effective in reaching your goals.


Developing the right set of habits is the most effective way to reach your goals and guiding your future self in the process is key. If you create the correct system, there's nothing that will keep you from your goals, especially yourself. Creating the right habits is like putting your goals on autopilot. Start developing the precise habits you need right now.